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Dr. Abdul Latif Al Mahmood

It is a great opportunity for us to be engaged with activities with ASU who proved to be very active in initiating relations with the Bahraini community. We attended so many events that reflect the real intentions of ASU to be pioneering in its role of serving the community. The educational events that benefit Bahrainis is so dominant in that it creates the right environment for students and the public.


Mr. Osama Alkhaja

Being a member of the advisory board within ASU, I noticed the interest of the university staff in serving the Bahraini community. They proved to be very effective in approaching people working in different fields that are aligned with the university specialization. This tendency indicated the right direction for achieving quality by concentrating on serving the community and building contacts with different business and industrial sectors.


Mr. Yousif Lori

ASU has a big role in the society, by working with us in joint projects. We knew from the first day that this educational institution would provide all types of support in all segments of the community. The university understand we’re a great lab to learn in; by helping us, they are indirectly having an impact on our community, too … It’s in all of our interests to have a more informed and engaged public.


Mr. Yaser Hamza

We would like to extend to Applied Science University’s administrative and academic staff our sincere thanks and gratitude for the fruitful cooperation in strengthening the relations and social partnership with Ithmaar Bank. Ithmaar Bank was given the opportunity to present a lecture about Islamic Banking and introduce the products and services offered by the Bank to the students of the university.


Mr. Ali Sabkar

It is amazing how ASU responded to the co-operation with the Social Media Club. The assistance of ASU’s top management and faculty was superb. We managed to execute so many events in the year 2014-2015 and some more in the coming years. The interaction with the public and the community proved to be distinguished in terms of serving the community through social media, through spreading the skills of using the social media in social interaction, business and other activities.

السيد علي بن محمّد الرميحي

سعادة وزير شؤون الإعلام علي الرميحي

أكد سعادة وزير شؤون الإعلام السيد علي الرميحي على ضرورة التعاون الأكاديمي بين معهد البحرين للتنمية السياسية والجامعات، في مجال البحوث والدراسات السياسية والقانونية، ومشيداً بما تبديه جامعة العلوم التطبيقية من ترحيب وتعاون مستمر في استضافة برامج وفعاليات المعهد الموجّهة لمختلف شرائح المجتمع، وإتاحة الفرصة لتعزيز تواصل المعهد مع فئة شباب الجامعات وتنمية مهاراتهم وثقافتهم السياسية وتهيئتهم للمشاركة بإيجابية في العملية السياسية دعماً للمسيرة الديمقراطية في المملكة.